Installation of the Composum AI within Composum Pages

Just try it out

The easiest way to try it is the Composum Cloud where Composum-AI is deployed. You can get a free account there, create a site and test it.

Second, there is the Composum Starter (a JAR you can execute locally) or the docker image composum/featurelauncher-composum available through the Composum Launcher project - see there for description.

You will need an OpenAI API key secret key to run it, which can either be put into an environment variable OPENAI_API_KEY or be configured via OSGI configuration in the Felix console /system/console/configMgr at “Composum AI OpenAI Configuration” (or “Composum AI GPT Chat Completion Service”, depending on the version) - see the configuration instructions for details and other configuration options.

Installation in Composum Pages

Composum AI is available as a Sling package that can be installed via package manager or via Sling features. For more details on Composum Pages setup see the setup instructions.

Alternatively, Composum AI is prepackaged in the [Composum Starter]( features/composum-launcher-feature-composumstarter/) and the docker image composum/featurelauncher-composum , both created in the Composum Launcher project.