Composum AI for Composum Pages

The Composum Pages variant of the Composum AI can be employed in the likewise freely available Composum Pages . It currently provides four assistant dialogs with different focus:

  • a translation dialog that can be opened on any edited textfield in multilingual websites and suggests translations of the text of a component into other languages the text of page descriptions and summaries, keywords, navigation title,
  • a multipurpose content creation dialog that can support you by creating text for any edited text fields. The text can be created either from a user supplied prompt, or by applying a (user supplied or predefined) ChatGPT prompt to the existing text of the page / component. That way, one could create summaries of the page, or extracts wrt. a topic, overviews, orjust request suggestions to reformulate or expand user supplied text fragments, … Your imagination is the limit.
  • a side panel AI that you can chat with and use to analyze the text content of the current page and get suggestions.
  • a page category dialog with suggestions for page categories (that are used as SEO keywords).

Our Composum blog entry gives a basic presentation of the functionality and shares some experiences using it. Please consult usage documentation on this site for more details. The installation instructions tell you how to try it out and / or install it in your server - the Composum Cloud probably being the easiest way for a quick test and evaluation.