Composum AI for Adobe AEM 6.5 and AEMaaCS

The AEM variant of the Composum AI supports both AEM 6.5.x and AEM as a Cloud Service. It currently provides two assistant dialogs with different focus and capabilities:

  • the Content Creation Assistant geared to text content generation for direct use in the editor, and
  • the Side Panel AI that is geared for analysing and discussing the content of the page or components with the AI, and provides a chat like interface.
  • workflows and rollout configurations for automatic transparent translation of live copies.

Both of them offer a library with various prompt examples that can be used as is or modified into processing / analysis instructions to process page parts or the whole page text, or external texts into summaries, introductions, conclusions, rewrite texts, generate suggestions for extending texts, phrases, headlines and so forth. Our blog gives a nice quick overview over the functionality. The usage documentation is more detailed. The installation instructions tell you how to try it out and / or install it in your server. The Sling package is available freely over the public maven repository. The project is open source and freely available under a MIT license.

Living Slideshow for the Composum AI for Adobe AEM

Living Slideshow for the Composum AI for the Composum Pages CMS